Tips for a Leak-Free Winter

Winter is coming and the last thing you want to deal with is a leaking roof in the middle of a cold period, which is why prevention is key. Cold weather can cause many problems, including condensation that can lead to damp and mildew, and if not looked at straight away can lead to further damage and expensive roofing repairs, so dealing with them early one can help save costs and give you a stress free winter.


In this month’s blog, we go through a few tips on how to make sure you enjoy a warm, leak-free, winter.

  1. Make sure there are no broken tiles: you may have noticed a broken tile on your roof and thought it would be okay, which is fine during the warmer months, but when winter comes around, and rain pours and temperatures drop, this could be a major problem. Missing or broken tiles can lead to leaks in the roof or cold air getting inside, causing damp or mildew. This can be harmful to the interior and exterior of your house and result in expensive repairs, so make always check your roof is up to scratch.
  2. Check your insulation: in our last blog, we detailed the importance of insulation for locking in heat. Well, good insulation can also prevent a lot of leaking roofs. Poor insulation can result in heat rising in to your attic and make your roof warm, this can cause snow or ice to melt quicker which can cause leaks, or even a blockage in your gutter if too much water drains down. Good insulation prevents heat transfer, which means the mentioned scenario is less likely to happen.
  3. Clean your gutters: leading on from the last point, it is good to make sure your gutters are cleaned to prevent blockage. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, which can grow and ruin the whole guttering and cause more leakage through the roof and attic.
  4. Make sure you roof is debris-free: Debris on the roof not only looks bad, but it can cause damage to your roof. Debris causes blockage, which means water can get trapped and if it sits for too long this can lead to leaks and rot, affecting the structural integrity. To prevent further debris, it is also good to trim any overhanging trees.


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