Drainage Doctor

In the current weather climate that we are living in, many households are experiencing flooding to the perimeter of their property. If you haven’t got an efficient drainage system, problems will inevitably occur, such as water logged gardens, and lawns.Below are some signs to look for potential flood risks, and methods, and the materials required to resolve any problems that may occur.


Certain types of ground are much more susceptible to waterlogging than others e.g. dense clay soils and ground that is badly compacted are at higher risk, as well as areas that are situated near water. Plant life deteriorating can be a sign of bad drainage, and a key thing to look out for.


The easiest way to get rid of any waterlogging is to make a soak away at the bottom of your garden. This can be very simple to produce by digging a hole about 3ft deep, and filling  it in with about 1ft of packed brick rubble, or clinkers. It would be advisable to place a sheet on top of the rubble such as polythene sheeting or glass fibre matting, this will prevent any soil clogging up the gaps between the rubble, this will therefore allow any unwanted water to drain away. After this has been done simply place soil back on top of your soak away, and the job is done.



A soak away unaided may not be enough to resolve waterlogging due to water gathering in a variety of areas. If this is the case you can easily resolve this by building trenches leading to your soak away, these are basically built in the same way but at less of a depth. An added extra is to place underground drain covers at the particular places where the water is sitting, and then spur off them with underground pipes leading to your soak away.

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