Top Tips to Save on Your Heating Bills

When the winter time comes everyone likes to feel comfortable and warm in their homes, but it can be surprising the amount of heat that can be lost without taking the correct precautions.

Below are some tips on how to save money on your heating bills.


  • Gaps around window frames If you do have any gaps around the edge of your window frames this can allow a lot of heat to escape the property, by simply sealing the gaps and covering them with window architraves you will notice a big difference in temperature as well as your utility bills, especially in the winter time.
  • Draft excluders – We tend not to notice that the gaps at the bottom of our doors are allowing heat to escape. Generally there is a very easy way to solve this problem, by applying a draft excluder to the bottom of your door this will prevent this from happening again. 
  • Wall insulation If you have a room that is always cold but your radiators are working okay, then you may have insufficient wall insulation. To solve this I would advise seeking professional help. This may be an expense at first, but the cost will be recouped by the amount that is saved by not having to use heating as often to warm that specific area.
  • Loft insulationA lot of heat can be lost from your roof area if there isn’t sufficient insulation between your roof joists. A professional is not necessarily needed to solve this, correct the job by filling between the joists with loft insulation.
  • Economical heating A lot can be saved on your heating bills by not over using your heating. Whenever you leave your house make sure that the heating is turned off because you never know how long you may be out of your home for. Also try not to sleep with your heating on. If you do not wish to turn heating on and off all the time set your timer on your boiler. This can be easily done by reading the instruction manual.