Tips to Deck Your Garden

Back in February, we suggested a nice DIY project would be to start planning your decking ready for the summer nights out in the garden!

Now the weather is nicely transitioning from Spring to Summer, it is the perfect time to start plodding away, makings those plans and buying in the components needed to get cracking on your decking. Imagine it now, some shiny new decking to lounge on with a nice cold drink in the beautiful British weather (…we have everything crossed!).


Before you get started, we thought we would put together some simple ideas that you can have fresh in your mind as you get started on planning the project:

  1. Fitting Boards. Try to ensure that boards stretch the entire length of area you are fitting – this way, as the boards age, the joints won’t become mismatched and cause tripping points
  2. Decking direction. If you have a small space to deck, use narrower boards to create the illusion of a larger area. If you are wanting to direct attention to the garden, place the boards at right angles to the house.
  3. Protect your base! Use weed prevention methods underneath the boards you are laying to stop any unwanted greenery poking its way through your decking after a few months.
  4. Solid Foundations. Ideally use brick or concrete pillars to build on top of, you can use wood but this is likely to rot! If you are positioning slabs to build on top of, arrange them so they are no more than 140cm apart to ensure good support for the boards.
  5. Drainage Drop. Ensure that the build of the deck allows for a 10mm drop for every 1m to allow for natural drainage.
  6. Sturdy Leftovers. Use as much of the wood you have as possible – use off cuts to create additional cross beams to support the boards and make a sturdier structure.
  7. Finish with Screws. Use nails to hold the structure together initially but always finish by screwing the boards in to place for longer term strength.
  8. Treat the Timber. You can treat the timber or let it age naturally. Don’t forget to treat any cut sections of wood or any drill holes.

We supply a wide range of materials at Atlantic Cladding that could be used to construct your decking. That includes the timber for the decking boards to build the structure and then the rails and spindles to add those finishing touches! Have a peep here at the timber products we stock and then also our fantastic decking offer to really take advantage of!