Timber at Atlantic Cladding


We stock a wide range of Timber here at Atlantic Cladding. Our comprehensive range includes, all timber components used in numerous building applications, from internal building work to decking. Our broad range of high quality timber stock ensures our customers have everything they need for their building requirements, no matter the task.

Sawn & Treated Timber (C16 grade)

We have large stocks of sawn, and treated timber in a variety of sizes (up to 9 x2) in various lengths with joist hangers and all accessories. Our Sawn and Treated Timber is stress graded to ensure it meets European standards.

Our range of construction timber includes all timber components primarily used in internal building work, mainly floor and roof joints. The Range:-

Sawn Timber Size Range:-3×2, 4×2, 6×2, 9×2

Treated Timber Size Range:-3×2, 4×2, 6×2, 4×1, 6×1


We stock a variety of high quality fencing components as well as accessories used in fencing, garden sheds and landscaping work. Our range includes:-

Feather Edge Boards, Fencing Posts, Gravel Boards, Rails, Batons

Accessories include:-Post Spikes, Bolt down supports, Nails & Screws

Roofing Baton

We currently stock 2 types of roofing batons to meet our customer requirements when completing various roofing work. We stock high quality batons in sizes:-¬† 25×50 and 19×38.

Sheeting Products

Atlantic Cladding stock a variety or sheeting products used  primarily forfiberglass roofing as well as flooring and general household projects. Our range includes:-

OSB Sterling Board, Tung and Grove Sterling Board, CDX Ply, WPB Ply(all in a variety of thickness)

Timber Decking

We stock high quality treated timber decking in various lengths as well as necessary components and all accessories. Our range includes:-

Treated Timber Decking, Spindles, Handrails, Newel Posts and all accessories.

If you are looking for a particular timber product, and you cannot locate it on our website, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly, and dedicated team members at one of our branches, who will endeavor to acquire the required product.