Hanging UPVC Doors

White-UPVC-door-Colne_imagelargeUPVC is one of the most popular materials used in the building trade. Most windows and doors when ordered will be manufactured using plastics. There are many different advantages of using UPVC doors rather than other materials, one of these being wooden doors overtime can start to distort, whilst with UPVC doors, this doesn’t happen due to the reinforcement in the frame of the door. If the correct steps are taken anyone has the capability of fitting one of these doors, even a novice do it yourselfer. Below is a list of tips that will help you when attempting this.

  • – Before attempting to fit a door ensure the area is clear from rubble to avoid any possible obstructions.
  • – Remove the door from the hinges before fitting, and then re-attach after the frame is in situ, by doing this it will make it easier to fit the frame, and also make it easier to get the frame square, and plum. If this isn’t done in this way, when re-attached the door itself it may need a lot of adjustment to get the desired results.
  • – When fixing the frame to the wall, for best results, use screws such as tapcons, this will give you a stronger fixing, and does not require use of wall plugs. If you are fitting larger frames such as French doors, it is better to use a bigger gauge screw, such as frame anchors. Screws such as tapcons may not be sufficient due to the weight of the frame
  • – When cutting your cill allow an extra 4 inches for the horns, this will help prevent your cill from moving, and will also act as a drip
  • – When inserting glass, or a  panel, into the frame, to prevent it dropping overtime, it must be toe, and heeled. This means on the hinge side of the door, packers are placed at the bottom horizontally, and vertically, and one is placed on the opposite top corner vertically.