Why Choose Feather Edge Boards?

Feather edge boards and posts can be used to create ‘closeboard fencing’. This is a great style of fence that will really stand the test of time! The fence itself is made up of just a few components making it relatively simple to put up.

What makes up a closeboard fence?

The fences are made up of posts, feather edge boards, rails and gravel boards:

Fence Posts: available as timber or concrete and are cemented into the ground.

Rails: fixed between the posts horizontally and fitted into notches on the post (these can be precut).

Feather Edge Boards: the boards are positioned vertically against the rails and can be flexibly cut to a wide range of heights.

Gravel Boards: gravel boards are optional but recommended. The boards are fitted horizontally at the base of the fence and provide protection for the boards from damp. If damaged these are easier and cheaper to replace than the boards.


Advantages of Feather Edge Boards

The versatility and price of the boards make them one of the most popular options for fencing. Here’s a few of the advantages of feather edge boards:

Long lasting: the fencing is pressure treated which provides great protection against rot.

Planning permission: fences up to 1.95m do not require permission. If it is adjacent to a public space then this reduces to 1m.

Suitable for slopes: using gravel boards and posts to trace the gradient of the slope, feather edge boards can then be fitted to follow the required angle.

Easy to refresh: the boards are relatively cheap and easy to replace if they start to show any wear and tear.

Low maintenance: the boards come already pressure treated so are in good stead to start with. You may choose to additionally treat the boards every 2-3 years to ensure an even longer life span.

We stock a wide range of timber products and treated timber sizes that would be perfect for building a fence. If you can’t see what you’re looking for on our site or have any questions about your project, please feel free to get in touch with your local branch.