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Reasons to use EPDM Firestone Rubber Roofing

Firestone has been a trusted name in rubber products, and technology, for over a century, and over one million square meters have been sold, in EPDM membranes alone, since 1980. This is a great product, and will certainly be a product of the future. Below are some reasons why firestone EPDM rubber roofing should be […]

Lead at Atlantic Cladding

Lead is an extremely useful, and versatile component in the building industry, used for centuries it has always been, and still is, a very popular roofing material. It has a water-resistant barrier, and is hard wearing when properly installed, and treated. Lead is very popular because it is easy to use, and can be fitted […]

Timber at Atlantic Cladding

We stock a wide range of Timber here at Atlantic Cladding. Our comprehensive range includes, all timber components used in numerous building applications, from internal building work to decking. Our broad range of high quality timber stock ensures our customers have everything they need for their building requirements, no matter the task.