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Quick Tips! Underground Pipe Installation

There are a wide variety of underground pipes you could choose for the job but the most popular these days are plastic UPVC. The pipes are the cheapest option and come with many benefits. The pipes are lighter in weight allowing for a longer pipe length and less connectors. Quick Tips for Installation: – The […]

Tips for Fitting Fibre Cement Slates

Slate tiling really gives that high quality finish to any roof. British slate is perfect for roofing, it is durable, water tight and aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, it is one of the more expensive options for both material and labour but is well worth the investment. Here are some tips for when you’re starting out planning […]

Timber Joists: Damage & Prevention

Old beams in properties can wear down over time and sometimes can show signs of overloading with bowing and warping. It is worth regularly inspecting the beams to ensure they are structurally sound and no signs of damage are creeping in. If issues do arise, at least if they are found early you can make […]

Why and How to Use Patination Oil?

Lead is a popular option for roofing as it is easy to apply, durable and gives a nice tidy finish. Whatever the use for the lead, it is best to finish the job with a coat of patination oil to maintain the quality finish for longer. Patination oil is a white spirit based liquid that […]

Insulate Your Home with our Step-by-Step Guide

We are almost half way through August now and looking forward to the winter ahead (sorry…). It is the perfect time to get ideas about how to prepare your house in the coming months to face the cold spells ahead. A house without insulation loses large amounts of heat through the windows, walls, roof and […]

Fencing Tips from Atlantic Cladding!

A hard job to complete that can be made far easier with a helping hand or two. We would suggest installing a fence early spring and late autumn so that your garden has time to recover and your current plants can be moved and replanted without too much harm done! Also worth noting that you […]

Fibreglass Pond Lining

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) can be used to line ponds and, when in the right hands, can be as easy as applying wall paper! GRP is hard-wearing; resistant to weathering and temperature variations, perfect for that pond lining. When you are looking to line with GRP, ensure the base you are covering is suitable. Is […]

Tips to Deck Your Garden

Back in February, we suggested a nice DIY project would be to start planning your decking ready for the summer nights out in the garden! Now the weather is nicely transitioning from Spring to Summer, it is the perfect time to start plodding away, makings those plans and buying in the components needed to get […]

Guttering Fixing Step-by-Step!

At Atlantic Cladding we have a wide variety of guttering products, which comprise of many different styles, shapes, colours and sizes! So much so that we are confident, that we will have the guttering and accessories in stock to replace your old tired guttering, and giving a new lease of life to the outside of […]

Roofing with British Slate

British slate is a fantastic material for your roofing projects, not only is it a tidy finish but also extremely hard-wearing. Slate is quite a tricky material to work with and requires a certain amount of knowhow to ensure it is fixed correctly to avoid leakage and to adhere to building regulations. British slate is […]